Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 527.....Never too late...

Catching up for the last couple of days.

Tuesday: Training for the day was 30 min swim 57 min bike. I was dragging. I couldn’t quite finish my swim. So I held on to the wall and just kicked. Then headed up to the bike… I didn’t really have the energy to push myself, so I ended up taking an easy ride; only got to target HR twice. Although I was a little frustrated that I just couldn’t go hard…I was able to reflect and ponder.

I agreed to the speaking opportunity I mentioned last week, to talk about my fitness journey, so what I would talk about was on my mind. One of the songs that came up on the shuffle was “innocent” by Taylor Swift. I have heard the song many times, but today a line in the chorus really resounded with me. It is…”Today is never too late to….be brand new!” I couldn’t help but think…this was also true for our physical health. Unless you are 6 feet under…it ‘s not too late to start over; get back up, take a step forward… do something to change your life for the better. Every day and every moment is a new one…. Make the best of it. However small… anyone can do it…it’s not too late.

The rest of my day was pretty busy. I was able to slow down for about an hour to get my thoughts ready for my speaking engagement. I am SO Thankful that I have blogged about my journey in depth over the last year and a half. It was inspiring to read through it in preparation for my presentation. I feel that it went well.  I was surprisingly comfortable and actually enjoyed it. It was empowering to be able to measure how far I have come and discover the person emerging in the process. What a wonderful opportunity!

Wednesday: I discovered why my workout the previous day was so difficult! I have caught my 7 years olds cold, along with an infection.  I had to go into town yesterday, and I was feeling alright, so I went to the gym anyway. I went for an EASY run on the elliptical for 30 minutes and did a short lower body workout; lifting only, no cardio. Then my daughter and I went to yoga. The rest of my day was super busy.

I teach a class at church of 14 & 15 yr old girls. We are planning to run a 5k in May together. (The Race for the Cure) We have one organized fitness night a month together. So for our mid week activity we went to the YMCA last night. I felt good, but took it easy while we were there. It was fun. They are a great group of girls.
Before I went to bed I decided that I Thursday would be a rest day!!! No training. No calorie burn focus. Just rest. So, today I slept in (thanks to my husband and oldest daughter for getting everyone where they needed to be this morning.) The only thing I have planned is rest and if I’m feeling up to it, watching my 16 year-olds musical tonight. She has the lead in “7 brides for 7 brothers.” They actually have 2 casts. When she is not the lead, she is in the chorus. Tonight is opening night and she is in the chorus. Tomorrow will be her opening night as the lead. I am so excited for her, and proud of her!!!

I did meet my 1200 calories burned goal M, T & W. Today will be the exception. But I know I need to rest! I need to respect my body...I ask a lot of it, and I need to give it some time to heal. :) Hopefully this cold will be short lived!

Have a great day!

Remember…It’s never too late to be brand new!

Onward & Upward!



Maria said...

that really is a great quote! you have done such amazing things! man, i need a little motivation...

Julie Nielsen said...

Melody!! I'm so glad I found your blog. Beautiful post. :)

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